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Hello. I'm Daniel.

I help small to medium sized local businesses to automate and systemize their online presence.

I’ve had my fair share of assisting clients in building their online presence across various industries. 

Our approach focuses on achieving results, rather than merely running in circles.

Businesses don’t ask, “How can I spend more time acquiring customers?” 

Instead, they ask, “How can I achieve the same or even better results with less effort?” 

We help build an automated business that supports this goal. It’s not about obtaining more; it’s about finding what’s sufficient.

We maintain a lean and agile operation, giving priority to simplicity and efficiency. 

Daniel Wong

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Marketing Agency

We help dentists and local businesses to setup an online presence, and automate most processes.


Digital Courses

Self-paced courses on how I run and operate my boutique sized agency, SOP and checklists.

100% Fully Operational Projects

Dental Marketing Agency
Marketing services tailored to dental practices with our proprietary D3S Strategy.
Digital Marketing Agency
Online marketing solutions and strategies to help clients grow their online presence.
Online Flower Store
Delivery same-day flower & gifts to door step in Kota Kinabalu area.