What I am doing now

  1. Growing my marketing agency
  2. Reach 85kg before Chinese New Year

Building a team

  • I switched from managing projects into managing a team
  • The team is now 3 locals and 1 overseas
  • Still learning how to lead a team effectively
  • This new team is handling most tasks from my marketing agency
  • Giving the team the resources to grow, and leading them from the front

Building the company culture

  • I lead from the front, not order from the back
  • I look after the team, and the team looks after the client
  • Making sure every team member is growing

Building Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Standardizing all our services into ‘packages’
  • Give the team the space to familiarize with the tools and resources
  • Recording all the flows and putting into place – where upcoming members can pickup and immediately start using

Automated marketing system for my company

  • Setting up an evergreen lead generation funnel for my digital marketing agency
  • Utilising mainly Facebook, Google
  • Currently I am collecting case studies from clients, publishing it over different channel

Generating results for clients

  • Generating for clients is entirely different thing
  • Refining existing proposals
  • Improving report systems for clients
  • Reporting to client instead of waiting client to ask “how’s progress?”

Personal branding

  • I am putting more effort in growing personal branding
  • New Instagram
  • New Facebook Page (no longer update personal FB Profile)
  • Now you’ll start seeing me everywhere!

Growing the network

  • Say ‘no’ to yum cha session
  • Say ‘yes’ to networking sessions
  • Always prepare agenda to every meeting
  • Set a time limit for every meeting

Speaking Engagements

  • Spoke at Prudential office on October
  • Upcoming speaking at PUMM event (GA Space)
  • Upcoming speaking at ______ with Johan Julian Lee.
  • I am currently accepting speaking engagements for free.
  • Covering these topics:
    • How businesses can use digital marketing
    • How to use Facebook as your marketing tool
    • How to use Google as your marketing tool


  • Hit the gym 1-3-5 morning
  • Lift heavy
  • Sleep sooner, wake up earlier
  • Eat clean
  • Mediate daily

‘NO’ to everything else

  • I still enjoy talking to friends, I still enjoy my beer – but I give it a limit.
  • Not planning for any business ventures or partnerships
  • Stop investing in courses – and start taking actions from previous courses

Last update

  • Friday, October 19, 2018