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What’s My Plan For This Personal Blog?

I was blogging actively between 2004-2010, at my previous blog The domain name no longer belongs to me. So I’d start with my this domain name.

Between these 10 years gap, there were so many stories I’d like to share with readers, but seeing no immediate ‘returns’ from all the effort, I chose to spend the time on self-education, build on my business, grow my team.

Why start again?

Perhaps is I want to have the creativity outlet, and write things that interests me. Not purely from the ‘does this benefit’ me stand point.

I want to share my journeys. Journey in building my business, journey in becoming a better person, journey in self-growth and education. There’s no specific topic in this blog, I want to blog random things, and blog more about topics that interests the readers.

Telling the stories

I enjoy telling stories, I enjoy sharing experiences. I even bought a complete set of filming gear so I can do more vlogs. But I found out I am not good at it, nor I enjoy the entire filming process.

When I am filming, I am constantly thinking of how to shoot the video, what storyline, how to get the best lighting. This makes me ignore the present moment. I don’t like it.

Editing the post videos makes me cringed. I even get a video production company to do my post-productive videos. You can watch my vlog here.

Writing is still my preferred choice, at the moment. I am writing the past, and enjoying the current moment.

BUT – video is where all the attention is. I’ll probably have another attempt with video again in future. But not now.

The plan for this blog

My previous blog has led me to know many interesting people, opened up many opportunities, had major impact on my life trajectory. After stopping blogging for 10 years, there are still people on the street that recognise me and say hi.

I wish by sharing all my thoughts, experiences and my mental-model behind my decision. I can attract people who thought alike, share the same thoughts and/or even people who can challenge my assumptions.

No big plans for the blog, not trying to reach 100,000 monthly audiences nor earn any money from this. All I want to do right now is to publish consistently, attract the right readers, and enjoy my own writing process.

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